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Zach’s all, folks: Boise State vs BYU game preview

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at BYU Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Game facts

  • Time: Friday, Nov. 6, 7:55PM (MT)
  • Location: Albertsons Stadium, Boise, ID
  • Weather at kickoff: 53°, partly cloudy
  • Odds: Cougs by 3
  • TV: FS1
  • Radio: KBOI 670 AM
  • Commentators: Aaron “Goldy” Goldsmith, and Petros “Money” Papadakis

Other facts

1. Fans, please?

After having precisely zero fans for their home opener, the Broncos applied for an attendance waiver this Friday to at least greet the #9 Cougars with a tiny bit of organic noise. Boise State has asked Central District Health for a small exception to their public health order on large gatherings that would allow the Broncos to let about 1,100 fans into the stadium—comprised of friends and families of players, the band and spirit squad, and as many students as they can safely get in and shackle to their seats. What would 1,100 fans look like at Albertsons Stadium? Just imagine a Kibbie Dome crowd and then double it.

2. Rank and vile

Through what I’m calling the “pandemic rankings glitch” the Cougars will be the highest ranked team to ever play on The Blue when they saunter into town on Friday. However, as Paul J Schneider rightly pointed out, they’ll only be the highest-ranked OPPONENT as Boise State was inside the top 5 for a chunk of games in the Kellen Moore era. What I’m tempted to point out is that BYU is dumb.

3. Winningest yet again

Boise State has once again taken over the top spot of the winningest (win-percentage) program in CFB history with an all-time mark of .7303, passing talentless schlubs like Ohio State (paltry .7299) and Notre Dame (.7293). Think about that for a moment, folks.

4. Presented without comment (for now)


Boise State - Won 2

BYU - Won 7


Best name(s) on their roster

A lot of great Poly names on the roster, but none have the 1890s swag of freshman wide receiver Talmage Gunther. I also like the narrative-driven name Ben Bywater and the if-peeing-your-pants-is-cool...RB Miles Davis

Best picture on their roster

Don’t move, Shamon Willis—that tribble we’ve been looking for is sitting on your head!

Players to watch

Zach Wilson, QB

Yeah, yeah...we know he was a long-time Bronco commit that de-committed so late that the QB the Broncos were able to land is now playing tight end (and well, I might add). We also know that last time Wilson played on The Blue he got sacked a billion times but ALSO almost led a miraculous last minute game-winning drive (a drive mercifully ended at the goal line by Scale Igiehon). Thanks to ALL THE HYPE, we also now know that Wilson is putting up silly numbers this year—enough to garner some outside Heisman pub. In 7 games this year, Wilson has put up 2,152 yards, with 19 TDs and just 2 INTs. More impressive than the near 75% completion percentage on the year? The Jim McMahon-esque headband he’s been rocking. Look...feel however you want about Wilson (personally, I think he’s the biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold), but the kid is having a YEAR. The Bronco secondary needs to be very careful here.

Tyler Allgeier, RB

The stout (5’11” 220 lbs) running back isn’t really the focus of the pass-happy Cougar offense, but he’ll get his carries. When he does...the defense is going to have to wrap up, because he’s rushed for 7 TDs this season and is averaging a more-than-tidy 6.5 yards/rush. Seize him!

Dax Milne, WR

Wilson’s favorite target (and a guy he admitted he was trying to recruit to Boise State before the Couging). The 6’0” junior is averaging 16.8 yards per reception this year and has accounted for 706 receiving yards and 6 TDs. Stick to this guy like glue...we’ll put solvent on there later.

Isaiah Kaufusi, LB

Honestly, how many freaking Kaufusis are there? I swear this is like the 10th different Kaufusi we’ve dealt with during this series (and there’s still another on the roster). This particular Kaufusi is leading the team in tackles, with 46, and the 6’2” senior also has 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and an INT to go with that. He’s gonna be named all-conference, no problem (snicker).

Troy Warner, S

Fred’s little bro was a big-time get for the Cougars when he committed in 2016—choosing the Cougars over offers from USC, Cal, and Boston College, to name a few. He’s been busy in the secondary since then and currently leads the team in INTs with 2 and has pitched in 21 tackles as well. If you’re looking for blown coverage...look elsewhere.

Players NOT to watch

I don’t know...some Kaufusi probably.

Keys to victory

  • Take away the pass. This is BYU’s most lethal weapon and even though they’ve got a solid O-line and a very capable inability to pass takes some of the teeth away from Jeff Grimes’ offense. They gonna be tricky. Make ‘em pay.
  • Limit the turnovers. Broncos have forced just one turnover in two games but have thus far not committed any either. More of the former and doing good with the latter...stay the course.
  • Contain. Wilson is a very mobile QB (I think we all remember 2018)...the secondary needs to stay disciplined because he’s going to buy time with his legs. If the rushers have him in their sights, they need to contain him.
  • Don’t lose. Especially not this week!

Score prediction

We don’t predict losses ‘round here...BYU still can’t win at Albertsons Stadium...

Boise State 28, BYU 24