Picka-score triple play #2

Vastly different from the popular predict a score. The last three games of the season are about to be played, and we have a better sense about each team’s direction of play. This game posting time will start at least one full day before the game-provided there is a game allowed.

This week’s new revised play against (SJ)San Jose involves your best three score guesses (A)(B)(C). Only the closest guess of the three will carry over into next week’s game against (U)NLV; and lastly (W)yo.

Each individual week will establish value levels-Experts who are off the actual score by 0 to 3 points. Sharpshooters that fall into the range of 4 to 9 points off. Markspersons who score in the 10 to 18 point group. The final group are the scatterguns and include those of us who miss by over 19 points.

The rules are simple, the lowest and closest score of the last four games are to be combined after each week’s play. The astute players will have the lowest combined totals. Your goal, if you accept it, is to earn an elite position with these players!

All the players will keep their own score’s, and will probably be recognized-as a group- during the end of season play. There is just one rule-eligible entries must have a time stamp posted before the start of the game..

My weeks guesses are:

(A)BSU_24__ (SJ)_21 __ (B)BSU_32__ (SJ) _28__ (C)BSU_ 40__ (SJ) _30__

(hint) : [i.e. BSU21 SJ 17 guess BSU 22 SJ 14 = difference 4] Enter that amount for the appropriate week(s) listed below:

(H)wk5__7pts_ _[#C]

(SJ)wk6______ (U)wk7______ (W)wk8_____ = Total _____AVG_1st wk-7____

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