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Anagram Roster: Hawaii

A Farewell to Rolo

Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

After a couple weeks recuperating from work-related procrastination, the Anagram Roster is finally back on track this week. As luck would have it, we’re gearing up for the Nick Rolovich Memorial game against Hawaii in the rusted thunderdome formerly known as Aloha Stadium.

While we all miss Rolo and his hats, OBNUG has finally cried our way through enough pints of Ben & Jerry’s to accept that he’s gone, and we’re stuck with...Todd Graham? WHAT THE HELL?

Well, best be on with this Anagram Roster before Todd Graham finds his next dream job, or COVID-19 finally catches up with the Broncos’ depth chart. Last week was wild, but hopefully not a precedent.

This week’s All-Anagram Team nominee? Most likely Redneck Igloo Cram, which has now been added to McCall’s winter festival activities.


WR Rico Bussey Jr – So Jury Scribe

WR Calvin Turner – Current Anvil

WR Jared Smart – Jam Traders

WR Nick Mardner – Remind Crank

LT Ilm Manning – Min Glam Inn

LG Kohl Levao – Look Halve

OC Taaga Tuulima – lol nope

RG Solo Vaipulu – Soul Up Voila

RT Gene Pryor – Pro Energy

QB Chevan Cordeiro – Hardcore Novice

RB Miles Reed – Desire Elm


DE Justus Tavai – Java Is Tutus

NT Blessman Ta’ala – Sans a Meatball

DT Jonah Laulu – no u

DE Darius Muasau – NO U

LB Jeremiah Pritchard – Third Armchair Jeep

LB Khoury Bethley – Hey Bulk Theory

LB Quentin Frazier – Inquire Zen Fart

CB Cortez Davis – Zit Cover Ads

S Donovan Dalton – lol no

S Kai Kaneshiro – In His Karaoke

CB Cameron Lockridge – Redneck Igloo Cram


PT Adam Stack – Data Smack

PK Matt Shipley – Tipsy Hamlet

LS Wyatt Tucker – Yuck Wet Tart

H Stan Gaudion – Donuts Again

PR/KR Melquise Stovall – Males Love Quilts