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Bullet points: Boise State vs Air Force

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jack Sears should remain the backup IF/WHEN Hank is healthy...but that’s one heckuva backup to have. Yes, it’s a small sample size and yes, I think Hank would’ve done similar damage to the so-so Air Force secondary but it’s also true that Sears threw some absolute DIMES against the Falcons en route to a near-perfect passer rating. My assumption is he’ll eventually have the starting role taken from him, but no one can take that performance away. It was GOOD.
  • Speaking of Hank...I think we’re all assuming the same thing re: his status and even if he’s cleared to play before Friday, the lost practice time might put him on the sideline versus the Cougs anyhow.
  • George Holani, please be okay. I’m hoping that his sidelining was precautionary after taking a arrow helmet to the knee...I’m less hopeful about Demitri Washington’s status. You don’t display that kind of righteous anger if you got a stinger.
  • JL Skinner is another guy that didn’t make the trip to Colorado Springs that I rather wish had. Since Harsin said neither he nor Hank’s absence was injury or disciplinary but also only said one player was in Covid one of them just Covid adjacent? Skinner would be a HUGE boon on Friday night against BYU’s large targets. Come on back now, y’hear?
  • Let’s let this defensive effort go, shall we? The Broncos got GASHED on the ground, as many are known to do against Air Force...but they got key stops when they needed to and let’s be honest—that last Falcon score was against the B-team. Broncos still covered in a place where they’ve struggled in that need to panic about how missed tackles and blown gaps will translate against BYU, right? RIGHT?!
  • Avery Williams is the best return man in Boise State history. I think it’s clear now. Also, check out the effort from frosh Kyheem Waleed (23) on this return. Love to see it.
  • Awesome to see local product and guy-whose-quads-are-bigger-than-my-torso Keeghan Freeborn lead the team in tackles. With Scale Igiehon dinged up, we’ll need some of the youngsters to step up.
  • Is Markel Reed still considered a “youngster”. He’s been very solid.
  • I didn’t expect Riley Smith to become a rushing weapon, but here we are.
  • Cade Fennegan was IN.
  • Alright, Air Force is over. It’s BYU week. Protect those groins!