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Boise State Game Balls against Air Force

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, we had a second game! Presumably we are going to have a third (this Friday). But before we do that, let’s hand out some Game Balls

Note: in the comments of last weeks Game Balls article the question was posed whether or not we actually hand out rewards. We do not. There was an unfortunate body-odor issue during some interviews a while back and now we are legally obligated to stay at least 50 feet away. So these are mostly for funsies.

Game Ball One:

Avery Williams

Dude housed a kickoff for his sixth special teams touchdown in his career. That’s pretty good. Surprisingly enough the Mountain West got it right as far as the Special Teams is concerned. I’ll have to save my angry energy for something else this week. Avery earned this one to be sure.

Game Ball Two:

Jack Sears

The Broncos coaching staff did a good when they added the former four-star recruit to their ranks. Not sure if it was prescient because of injuries in general but Sears is a really good insurance policy. He threw an absolute dime to Khalil Shakir to set up his own eventual rushing touchdown. Overall I am comforted by having him on the roster.

Game Ball Three:

Keeghan Freeborn

The defense was a little rocky on Saturday. The Broncos allowed *checks notes* 484 yards to the Falcons, 415 on the ground (69 in the air). That... isn’t great. But Mr. Freeborn did lead the team with nine tackles, five solo. As a squad the Broncos had 91 tackles. Air Force? 47. Which is to be expected given the nature of how they play. But man. Almost double is crazy. Anyway, Mr. Freeborn earned his keep on Saturday.

Your Turn

Who else deserves a Game Ball? Let me know.