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Boise State Game Balls for Colorado State

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s nice to be back in the confines of a conference schedule. While the game started out super-good it ended kind of weird. Alls well that ends well I suppose.

Game Ball One:

Avery Williams

No brainer low-hanging fruit on this one. Mr. Avery had himself another special teams night by blocking a punt AND returning it for a touchdown (yes, he also had another block but I am not going to restructure my sentence). It was kind of weird when he wasn’t returning the punt on that play but, hey, I guess that’s why we aren’t the coaches. Have to figure the Mountain West Conference will follow up with a nod as well.

Game Ball Two:

CT Thomas

While Mr. Thomas didn’t have any touchdowns on the night, he was definitely Mr. Clutch. He caught all six passes thrown his way and went over the century mark in yards. He kept the ball moving for the Broncos and sometimes that is just enough to win games (and Game Balls!).

Game Ball Three:

Riley Whimpey

The guy was all over the place for the Broncos defense. Thirteen tackles, six solo, and three tackles-for-loss. That counts as ‘pretty good’ in my book. Would love to see more of this type of performance for the rest of the season.

Game Ball Four:

Nick Crabtree

I mean, c’mon....

Your Turn

Who else needs a Game Ball? Shane Irwin for his two sacks? Andrew Van Buren for his two touchdowns? Let’s hear it.