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Boise State Game Balls against Utah State

NCAA Football: Utah State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Normally this would be the Game Balls for the previous week. But since football is the only sport going on right now it kind of makes this short (and simple).

Game Ball One:

Khalil Shakir

This is one of the most obvious outcomes since, well, Saturday Broncos vs Aggies. King Khalil had 157 total yards, two touchdowns, and one of the coolest gif videos you’ll see on the interwebs.

To quote Dear Leader, Drew Roberts, Shakir is a bad man. A very bad man.

Game Ball Two:

George Holani

Mr. Holani is on a tear as a true freshman running back. Coming off a fantastic first year, he picked up right where he left off. To a tune of 100 yards (exactly) rushing and another 33 receiving and picking up two touchdowns of his own.

This clip belongs in a museum.

Game Ball Three:

Ezekial Noa

Mr. Noa had eight total tackles on Saturday, five solo, and one tackle-for-loss which led the Broncos. He also got to tackle his brother, Elelyon Noa. Which lead to this cool moment for the family at the end of the night:

Noa was everywhere on the field and is just going to keep being a playmaker for the Broncos.

Your Turn

You’re probably going to ding me for not including Hank Bachmeier on this list (and you wouldn’t be wrong with a dude who had four total touchdowns, no INTs, and a 187.2 QB rating). But I am trying to keep these somewhat “short” and not too heavy on one side of the ball. Outside of the Man with a Thousand Nicknames, who do you think belongs on this list?