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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Top 50 MBB teams; New AD on the horizon; Fox Sports

Oregon v Boise State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Watch Stadium’s Jeff Goodman has a top 50

And, wouldn’t you know it, our favorite MBB squad made the list (that’s your spoiler, you can click the link to find out where). Interestingly enough they are the only Mountain West squad to make the list.

Listen. I’m as homer of a fan as there is. But I don’t know why the Broncos are the *only* team on this list. Gotta figure Utah State and San Diego State would also be good candidates to end up here.

Curt Apsey out as the Athletic Director

This is... surprising timing.

Bronco Nation probably has certain opinions about his tenure. I certainly do (no, I’m not airing them here). But, for the most part, he ran a clean department and was able to keep Bryan Harsin and Leon Rice. That deserves some kudos.

As to who gets the job now. Well they are doing a national search so here’s to them hiring the best person available for the job.

Fox College Football is not off to a great start posting MWC stuff

I mean. Come on.

You telling me GEORGE HOLANI isn’t a top four running back in the league? Get out of here with that nonsense.


It’s the Restart Page.