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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Another FB recruit; Ezra Cleveland; AP top-25

Hawaii Bowl: Boise State v. Oregon State Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Check out the AP top-25

Now that the Broncos are finally going to suit up for the year (finally!) they should be seeing some more action here. It will be tough sledding though. Cincinnati, BYU, Marshall and, *checks notes* Coastal Carolina? Have a running head start. With BYU already in mid-season form, the Broncos are going to have their work cut out for them November 6th.

Ain’t this a poke in the eye

So you’re telling me a dude who has never kicked in a game—ever—got his chance to boot the football for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Tyler Rausa can’t get a sniff? This is downright crap. If he’s not on the next plane to Jacksonville for at least a tryout, I certainly hope they continue to not be good at football (so far, so good).

Ezra Cleveland had the start today for Minnesota

The Vikings didn’t really do all that well today (Alexander Mattison only had 26 yards (they should have given him the ball more) as they got blown out by the Falcons 40-23. But good to see another former Bronco get on the field.

Blake Bortles released from the Denver Broncos

Brett Rypien was QB2 yesterday against the New Englad Patriots. If there is going to be pointing fingers about interceptions, Lock did have two really bad INTs in the crunch time of the fourth quarter yesterday. Denver still won. But the Denver OC (and Lock) didn’t do themselves any favors.

Bronco FB add a three-star recruit yesterday

Makes sixteen known commits. I think there is one more unaccounted for?


Type in a TV show.