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Mountain West Announces New Media Deal

And Boise State still has their own TV rights deal

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West has come to terms with CBS Sports and Fox/FS1 for the next six years for TV broadcasts:

CBS Sports has reached a new, multi-year agreement with the Mountain West Conference. The six-year deal, which begins with the 2020-2021 season and runs through 2025-2026, extends CBS Sports’ long-term relationship with the Mountain West.

The new deal looks to be a lucrative and—apparently—good one for the conference as a whole:

If we are to do some rudimentary math that could be north of $3.5 million per school. But, and I would still have to find the info, I believe Hawaii is still treated a little differently in their contract.

As for Boise State and their home game package, this is what Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson had to say:

Which is interesting.

Six years is a lifetime in college football. This could be very prescient, or very ‘meh’, in the time to come.

As it stands, the Boise State home games are looking to be played on Fox or FS1:

As far as visuals, this may be the biggest news for Boise State fans.

No more ESPN (outside of non-conference away games of course, like BYU). Which is really huge news. Boise State built it’s cache off of the odd-night football games and, as far as recent history goes, late-night games. Having the visibility of ESPN is going to change a lot of things. Who knows, right now, if it will help or hinder.

The Boise State/Florida State match up next fall is already being talked about for Fox’s ‘Big Noon Saturday.’

And the Mountain West championship football game is going to be on Fox (much like the Pac-12). So that should be nice.

But don’t get your hopes up, yet, Broncos fans regarding the late starts:

So, yeah, the late kickoffs are going to haunt the Broncos for the foreseeable future. But maybe 8 pm. is slightly better than 8:26 pm? Maybe.

The more money for each team is going to be helpful. It’s getting harder, and harder, to compete in the FBS. Every school is going to need as much cash as they can get. This is a decent start.

While not being on the Worldwide Leader is going to be different, perhaps change will be a good thing.