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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Offensive line rankings; MW coaching moves?; More stadium renovation news

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NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

My friend Jack claims he can communicate with vegetables.

Jack and the beans talk.

PFF ranks offensive lines in CFB

This is a ranking of all the 130 FBS teams. And, well, this is an interesting ranking. Can you guess where the Broncos lie on this list? If you made a guess, I would assume you were wrong.

Another MW coach on the move?

This would be an interesting thing, if true.

As much as we would laugh at the schadenfreude of this move, it isn’t really a good thing for the Mountain West. The perception of the Mountain West can be under question considering all that’s been happening. Boils down to, the value of the teams, then the overall strength of the conference.

A possible landing spot for Kellen Moore?

The Chosen One is going to be a hot commodity. I hope to see news on him very soon.

Boise Dev with some more info on the stadium renovation

Seems like there is about to be a lot of stuff going on for the east side. Which is exciting. I would assume there is... pressure... to make the experience on that side better. How they are going to pay for it is going to be a big issue.


This is one that I have probably posted before. Awkward Family Photos. On the whole it’s mostly SFW, but beware of some of the really awkward one.