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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 2 Broncos still in playoffs; Time for basketball—for realsies; Dallas Coaches

Wyoming v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I was fired from the ice cream factory today.

It was because I’ll only work on two sundaes a month.

A couple of Broncos still going in the NFL playoffs

The playoffs have been intense this year. What with the come-from-behind win for the Houston Texans against the Bills to the Titans sending the Patriots packing. Clearly the only reason that the Titans and the Vikings are still around is because of the efforts put in by Correa and Mattison. There is a chance they could meet in the Super Bowl!!

ICYMI: Yeah, we kind of have to pivot to basketball

Yeah, while football is King, other sports do exists and bring with it their own sets of drama. The MBB still can’t get a ‘W’ against UNR, while the WBB are going to do their best to pick up the slack.

Having said all that: man, I am glad the MBB picked up Abu Kigab. He’s been an instant shot for the Broncos. Still needs to get his rhythm, but it is nice to be on the plus side of the transfer lottery.

Dallas officially official in firing Jason Garrett

Which was obvious.

We have spent the last week (or so) debating about what happens with Kellen Moore with Garrett gone. Boise State has to at least put the feelers out there. The Chosen One ain’t coming to Boise State (as I have previously stated). But he needs to say no first.


Ha. Ok. Sure.