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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Banner Society has questions; Boise State Pro Day set; Chandler Hutchison

Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Why was King Arthur’s army too tired to fight?

It had too many sleepless knights.

The fine folks at the Banner Society asks the tough questions

If you were Boise State, how would you go about the fight vs. the Mountain West? They’ve laid out five possible options for Boise State. The first two options, and no. four, aren’t any fun. Definitely three and—well—five would be the options that would be the funnest. I would assume three is the most likely outcome.

Boise State football Pro Day is set up

You can keep track of how the Broncos do for scouts. Should be fun to watch.

Awesome Chandler Hutchison dunk?

Awesome Chandler Hutchison dunk.

Hutchison is plugging along in the NBA. It’s always nice to see Broncos succeeding on the next level, regardless of the league.

Oh, guess who the Broncos are going to coach against more often?

That’s fun. The New Mexico defense is going to get an immediate shot in the arm. At least we won’t be dealing with the triple option to go along with the funky defense.


Big Bunny.