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Lawyer up: Boise State suing the Mountain West

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. I think we all kind of figured a confrontation between Boise State and the Mountain West Conference was going to happen.

And—to put it lightly—things have escalated.

We all kind of figured that the arrangement was going to the courts. But, with the current TV deal running through 2026, going to court now seems... aggressive.

Apparently, though, it’s because of payments right now.

Money makes people do weird things. And a lot of money make people do really weird things.

Boise State is claiming the value of their home games helped the MW get a “better” deal:

This is a pretty bold thing by Boise State to hang their argument on. Not that I disagree but the value of the Boise State brand is going to be argued. When compared to the other teams in the league, it seems pretty cut and dry. People (complainers of the blue field notwithstanding) generally like watching Boise State games. So much so that Fox has jumped on that bandwagon.

So that’s cool.

But this whole thing is going to get worse. And, for both institutions’ sake, hopefully there is an amicable agreement.