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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More on Boise State’s MW tv deal response; Boise State & AAC?; MBB Funsies

Utah State vs. Boise State Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I asked a gardener which herbs were snitches.

He said only thyme would tell.

Boise State not happy with the Mountain West

Matt Brown, with SB Nation mothership, writes about Boise State being, well, unhappy with the MW not negotiating BSU separately anymore. This is a follow up article/newsletter to the MW releasing the tv deal.

This is, clearly, my favorite line of the whole thing:

For my money, I still think the MWC needs Boise State football more than Boise State football needs the MWC, and that thinking will inform how a resolution is found.

My thoughts too! So. Weird.

If you aren’t already signed up for Matt’s newsletter, you should sign up. He’s got a lot of insights and writes very presciently about a lot of college stuffs. He does some really good interviews and puts together everything very plainly so it’s easy to follow along.

All that to lead to the below....

Boise State and the AAC courtship?

Nahhhhh. Ultimately I think Boise State and the Mountain West just ‘figure it out’ in the end. Boise State isn’t going to jump ship to the AAC to leave the other sports to the Big West, or whatever. And there is no way they can go the independent route. They’d have to follow the BYU-model for scheduling (at minimum) and that is rough. So while more conference realignment is a fun thing to talk about, it ain’t happening like this.

Continue to bask in the glow of an improbably Boise State MBB win

Listen: I am going to milk this for... a while. Probably too long. Probably for way longer than I should.

But #AggiesTears were flowing on Saturday night. And they were delicious.