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Broncos squeak by Marshall 14-7

It took some big plays on offense, and some keen defense to get the W.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Boise State v Florida State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After last week’s hand-wringing game, the Broncos are at home with an opportunity to get a win against a solid C-USA team. With Paul Reyna’s mother in attendance (and honorary coin toss) the Broncos look to put together a WHOLE game instead of 2 (maybe 2-1/4?) quarters. Being the home opener, a fast start would be ideal.

Which they didn’t get after some stutters.

Both teams did trade punts. And the Broncos did recover a fumble. But it wasn’t enough as they stall out in Marshall territory. A Sachse miss from 49-yards (it was reeeaalllllyyyy short) ends his streak of consecutive makes.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, Marshall marched down the field and scored first.

Oh, and this was brought up:

So that’s fun.


After a couple of Marshall punts, and the Broncos turnover on downs and a punt, Boise State is actually able to put together a drive that is reminiscent of last week.

Hank Bachmeier hits Khalil Shakir with a BEAUTIFUL 45-yard pass to get to the Herd 3 yard line. Andrew Van Buren tried rushing it in, but fumbled the ball (whoops) and John Molchon recovered it (yay!).

It took a Bachmeier fake pitch to George Holani, and rush to the edge, for a Bachmeier TD.

Oh. And Harsin got SUPER PISSED about a holding call.

Frustrating as the first half was at least it was JUST the first half.

The second half did have some better moments. Mostly the Broncos taking their first possession of the half for a TD. A fantastic throw-and-catch for Hightower.

The defense did match that offensive energy for a while, but the offense started stalling again. They followed that initial TD series with: DOWNS, INT, FUMBLE, PUNT. I’m not 100% sure but I think that is bad.

Nawahine made a timely interception to halt a Marshall drive. For those at home, their second half started somewhat worse than Boise State: four three-and-outs and the INT.

They didn’t have a first down with 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

After a huge Marshall gaffe: they ripped off Bachmeier’s helmet, it pushed the Broncos down the field with enough gas to run out the clock.

Broncos win, 14-7. Ugly game, but they win.