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Marshall Anagram Roster

Alright, alright, alright

NCAA Football: Gasparilla Bowl-Marshall vs South Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

It’s that time once again; we’ve plugged a bunch of perfectly respectable names into a soulless piece of software, hoping for a humorous realignment in our favor. This week’s theme, if you could call it that, is “WELCOME TO THE STATE FAIR”.

Let us begin!

  • Marshall University = Lush Slimy Narrative
  • Huntington, West Virginia = Overhanging Nitwits Unit
  • Doc Holliday = Old Holy Acid


  • WR Tavin Richardson = Rancid Vat Rhinos
  • WR Obi Obialo = Bio Ail Boo
  • WR Talik Keaton = Koala Kitten
  • LT Will Ulmer = Will Lemur (lazy!)
  • LG Alex Mollette = Latex Eel Molt
  • OC Levi Brown = Brow Liven (LAZY!)
  • RG Cain Madden = Candied Man
  • RT Tarik Adams = Skit Armada
  • TE Armani Levias = Malaria Vines
  • QB Isaiah Green = Sharia Genie
  • RB Brenden Knox = n/a


  • DE Darius Hodge = Raised Dough
  • NT Milan Lanier = Animal Liner
  • DT Channing Hames = Enhancing Sham
  • DE Marquis Couch = Ouch Iraq Scum
  • SLB Omari Cobb = Orca Bimbo
  • MLB Jaquan Yulaa = Aqua Jay Ulna
  • WLB Tavante Beckett = Beet Vent Attack
  • CB Chris Jackson = Carsick Johns
  • FS Nazeeh Johnson = Neon Haze Johns
  • SS Brandon Drayton = Not Barnyard Don
  • CB Kereon Merrell = Kneel Elm Error


  • PT Robert Lefevre = Forever Treble
  • PK Justin Rohrwasser = Shares Twin Jurors
  • LS Matt Beardall = Meatball Dart
  • H Jackson White = His Own Jacket
  • KR Willie Johnson = Wino Joins Hell