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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Holding steady in the polls; SP+ drop; ESPN Bowl projections; UCF and P5 scheduling

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I broke my finger last week.

On the other hand I’m ok.

Bronco FB holding steady in the rankings

No teams jumped, nor did the Broncos do any jumping in either of the Coaches or AP.

Which I am kind of surprised by. Figured the bye could have been somewhat detrimental considering the Broncos weren’t on anyone’s screens.

UCF did close in a smidge after shellacking UCONN. Going to come to the wire at the end of the year.

Broncos best in the west

In Standford’s down year, I don’t think they will catch Boise State for a bit. But Utah State took over BYU. And USC may be struggling for some wins.

ESPN Bowl projections after week five

More of the yoozh, really. Still 23 left of the schedule to play, though.

SP+ after week five

Woof. Boise State took a pretty good-sized hit here. Reminder: not a ranking of résumé. But based on performance on the field. The bye did no one any favors in this regard.

Broncos open as 21.5 favorites

Sounds about right. I think the Broncos can cover.

Orlando Sentinel on UCF scheduling BYU and Boise State

It’s quite possible it’s due to P5 teams not wanting to schedule UCF. But Boise State hasn’t had many problems.

(Also: the majority of the chatter was the Boise State matchup even though UCF had announced BYU the same day.)


Drum sound.