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Boise State Game Balls for September 16 - 30

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

We are on one with these Game Balls. As in, people are being awesome, and we recognize that!

(Note: Ok, I didn’t like not having the pictures of the honorees. So I’m going to try and get back to adding them. And, apparently, I forgot to hit ‘publish’ last Monday. So we are going to double-up this week.)

We have two weeks of Game Balls to dish out. Here they are.

Game Ball One:

Lauren Ohlinger (VB)

The Bronco VB swept their hosted tournament against Idaho State and UC Irvine. And by ‘swept’ I mean they didn’t even drop a match as they beat both squads 3-0. Ms. Ohlinger had herself quite the tournament by netting the tournament MVP. Well if it’s good enough for the tournament, it’s good enough for us!

Congrats Ms. Ohlinger!

Game Ball Two:

Raimee Sherle (SOC)

Raimee Sherle does Raimee Sherle things. Those things usually means scoring goals. A lot of them. This weekend was no different as the Broncos swept their opponents as well (wins against North Dakota and Southern Utah). Sherle had assists and goals in each. The Broncos are off to their best start in program history at 8-1 (that loss was a double-overtime golden goal against Utah).

Congratulations Ms. Raimee!

Game Ball Three:

Sonatane Lui (FB)

Mr. Sonatane Lui was a dominant force for the Broncos last Friday. Mr. Lui led the team in tackles with 16 (for the record: Zeke Noa was tied with Lui at 10 when Noa got injured). He also came up big (literally and figuratively) with a fourth down stop to help change the game.

Congratulations Mr. Lui!

Game Ball Four:

CT Thomas (FB)

Mr. Cold Titan himself also had quite the game. He had 119 yards on 5 catches and a TD. He’s turning himself into quite the clutch performer.

Congratulations Mr. Thomas!

Game Ball Five:

Lexi Perry (WGF)

Ms. Perry won the Ptarmigan Ram Classic last Tuesday by nailing a 3 on a par-4 on hole 7. She takes the title, she takes a Game Ball!

Congratulations Ms. Perry.

Game Ball Six:

Janell Walley (VB)

Broncos snagged a conference win last Saturday. Ms. Walley post a double-double for the fifth time.

Your Turn