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What We Learned: Week 4

oh my god somebody get Hank an icepack

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Fans, bandwagoners, countrymen, lend me your ears! We have survived the ritual self-flagellation that is the comments & Twitter during Air Force week. Not only did we win, but UCF lost, BYU got speedbumped by Washington, and...Idaho beat EWU? SAN JOSE BEAT ARKANSAS? This week was drunk, y’all.

Let’s take a look back at what we learned:

Hank Bachmeier is a Mensch

Right when it looked like we were back on our BS with playing Air Force poorly, Hank did his best ‘Stand and Deliver’ reenactment, eating a bonecrushing hit to buy CT Thomas the half second he needed to get by the Air Force DB.

Somebody please get Hank all the ice baths, and some sparkling grape juice for a toast on us. Speaking of ice baths:

The Offensive Line Is Not A Dumpster Fire?

Despite appearances early, the offensive line actually did pretty OK, allowing just two sacks on the night, and even opening up the running game in the second half. Cleveland made it back, which is a plus, but also meant we got yet another reconfiguration in the trenches.

It may not be pretty, but the line is getting it done against defenses that are trying to rattle the freshman QB with blitz after blitz, and they’re doing it without the kind of lineup stability lines thrive on. Lots of room to improve, but let’s appreciate where we are at the moment, no?

According to Coach Harsin, the offensive staff will likely be using the bye week to figure out some ways to help Hank dump off that ball a bit faster. That said, please ignore the ESPN fixation on hits.

The Triple Option Ain’t No Thang

While it might be the big bad boogeyman that everyone (including us) loses sleep over at least once a season, it seems the Boise State coaches still have the triple option on lock. For a beat there it looked like Andy Avalos may have taken our mojo to Eugene with him, but Schmedding’s boys kept their cool, even if they lost their second-half shutout.

Here’s some Monday Motivation for you:

As an aside, please sign us up for whatever Wheaties that Sonatane Lui’s new bride has been feeding him. Like, what.

Special Teams...Isn’t

Look, as good as the other phases were, the special teams unit really was the polar opposite all night long. Shanked punts, a blocked extra point, and a general feeling of malaise and even dread when they took the field. Luckily, #TooSachse Eric Sachse remains money.

The good news is it’s the bye week, and Coach Harsin even addressed the glaring incompetence in his postgame presser, promising to tear it all down if that’s what it takes. Mostly we just want Gavin Wale already, but I think we’d settle for offering the Portland State punter a scholarship.

The Fans Can Still Bring It

Shout-out to The Corral for never taking a game off, but everyone’s favorite headcounting usher BJ Rains even had to be impressed by the Friday night crowd.

Just look at that enthusiasm.

Seriously, though, the crowd was loud and proud, even persisting through those soul-crushing, clock-grinding Air Force drives from hell. Kudos if you were there, store brand granola bar if you weren’t.

The OBNUG Stats Department Nailed the Predicition

Four different players attempted a pass, and the combined completion percentage was over 60%. Booyah.

Don’t mention kick returns, we’re not exactly savants over here.

Bonus: Way Too Adorbs Polls Edition

Everybody now: D’awww


Just the facts, ma’am.

So, what’d we miss? Hit us up with what you learned this week in the comments.