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Broncos Ground Falcons, win 30-19

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Ahh the dreaded triple-option. The bane of Boise State’s existence for... a while. While the thought of the opponent chewing up the clock gives everyone hives, it’s always good when the game is over and the good guys have the W on the other side. The “important” part of the season has begun for the Broncos and this is a vital game to not drop for Boise State to achieve their goals.

After trading a few possessions, and a 32 minute first quarter, Air Force scored first on a Hammond keeper. The bad news: Air Force scored first. Good news: the Broncos have allowed every team to score first and still came out better on the other side.

Once the Broncos got the ball back they picked up the pace to spark the offense. Bachmeier managed to drive the Broncos 80 yards in 2 minutes and change to score the tying TD. He hit CT Thomas in stride for the 36 yard score.

After the Broncos were able to hold AFA to another punt, the offense went about 60 yards and had to rely on a 40-yard FG by Eric Sachse.

The Air Force defense does its best marching down the field. At one point even fumbling it close to the red zone. This was an odd-duck play as the Falcons were able to recover, but it looked really weird. AFA would go on to kick the FG to knot the game at 10.

After the half both squads would trade punts.

But the streak of the second-half defense recording shutouts would end on an eventual field goal by AFA’s Koehnke to put the Falcons up 13-10.

The ensuing Boise State drive would be somewhat of a struggle. The Broncos faced some terrible third downs. But savvy QBing by Bachmeier helped extend the drive. He hit CT Thomas for 23 yards on a 3 and 5. And he had the stones to hit Butler for 13 yards on a 4th down conversion. On a second down play, on the AFA 28, Bachmeier hits a streaking Bates for the go ahead TD. 17-13, Broncos.

The Bronco defense would tighten down on the next possession. Eventually forcing an AFA forth and one. Falcons would attempt the conversion but—fortunately—was short by half a yard and the Broncos get the ball on downs.

On the ensuing possession the Broncos only faced third down once (the last of the drive) as Mahone would take the ball in for a touchdown and put the Broncos up 23-13. Air Force would block the PAT attempt and try to run it back.

AFA did decide to get a little fancy on the next drive and attempt to air it out again. But DJ Hammonds pass is intercepted by Kekaula Kaniho and brought back for 50 yards.

The Broncos would successfully score on this drive with a Mahone 10-yard rush, 30-13 Broncos.

Not to be outdone the AFA put together quite an impressive hurry-up drive with DJ Hammond hitting some critical passes to drive down the field. He hit Sanders for a TD. The PAT would then get blocked by Avery Williams, 30-19 Broncos.

The Broncos would knee it out and take another victory over the Falcons and get 1-0 in MWC play.