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Boise State Game Balls for August 25th - Aug 31st

Boise State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Here is the first Game Balls of the season. You guys ready? I know I am!!

Game Ball One:

Sherle Raimee (soc)

Sherle Raimee is the Allie O of the soccer team. Perhaps a little less national recognition/accolades but just as important to the team. And last week Raimee took the MWC title of most goals in a career (and the season just got started!!). While the career goals thing is more of, well, a career thing it is no less important to Game Balls. She’s going to score a ton more this year and could very well put it out of reach for any other enterprising footballer.

Game Ball Two:

Yukino Parle (xc)

The cross country team also kicked off their season on Saturday. As such they had two individuals that won their races (the respective teams got second place). Ms. Parle won her race with a time of 18:24.9. Looking forward to Ms. Parle contouring putting up those Ws!

Game Ball Three:

Henry Mong (xc)

Remember how I said the xc team had two people win their races? Well here is the second one. Mr. Mong won his with a time of 21:46.5. Running around in big circles kind of sucks (I know, that’s why I stopped doing it. Heck, the only prize I had at the end was trouble breathing for the next hour) but Mong is going to do it and do it well!

Game Ball Four:

‘Hurricane’ Hank Bachmeier (fb)

I mean, c’mon, what’s NOT to love about this?

  • Awesome nickname that I will absolutely go to the mat for
  • 400+ yards passing against a (historically anyway) very good team
  • Winner
  • True freshman

The only blemish one his statline was the interception. And, really, you go down to Tallahassee and get out of there in one piece and unscathed.

Game Ball Five:

Robert Mahone (fb)

142 yards rushing on 24 carries, two TDs, and a catch for 27 yards? Sign me up! Dude said he wanted to be the bellwether back and he’s got it.

Game Ball Six:

Eric Sachse (fb)

We’ve all been (unintentionally) hurt by kickers before. Nothing personal for any of them. We just have. So when a dude comes in and absolutely nails 5/5 field goals to keep the Broncos hanging around? Well boy howdy does that dude deserve a Game Ball. (And he got MWC Special Teams co-player of the week too, the second-most important weekly award.)

Your Turn

There is going to be a lot of folks annoyed with the fb Game Balls. Because I very well could have kept going without issue. But then we’d be here all day. So go ahead and leave me a note in the comments about how I goofed this.