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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Reactions from the game; Misery Index; Bowl projections

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Boise State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

I bought a U2 GPS and it’s garbage.

The streets have no name and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Now this is just plain rude

Because, as we all know, this is the first time—ever in the history of Boise State football—that a game has been negatively affected by the weather. Of course the game would go on with some adjustments. But the important thing is, it went on!

Speaking of the game: here is some of what they said

Instead of a new header for every specific article, I’ll just list them on under this header.

The Athletic ($): Our boy Dave Southorn talks about some stuff leading up to the game from the Boise State perspective.

Here is the Florida State said of it.

Sports Illustrated has their recap. Albeit from the Florida State perspective.

Sports Illustrated has a new The Rundown listicle. Noles are on here once and so are the Broncos. The Broncos’ part is about Hurricane Hank (I AM PUSHING HARD FOR THIS), natch. But SI definitely got the order wrong.

Football Scoop has some Nuggets. This was about the Broncos dealing with adversity. And, well, it’s pretty great!!

Banner Society has the Top Whatever. There were some weird events this weekend. Like, really weird. But what’s not weird? Talking good about a Boise State win over Florida State!

The century’s 11 most overreacted-to Week 1 games

And there is a Bronco appearance here. Boise State has been involved in some fun games. You should click to find out what they included.

Want to to see some nice Twitter posts?

I sure do!

Here is one with Mark Richt explaining how you recover a fumble.

Need a refresher about what he’s talking about?

College Football News has bowl projections

Not quite what I would have in mind given Saturday’s results. BUT still a lot has to happen anyway.

247Sports names a True Freshman of the Week

I wouldn’t be putting this here if there wasn’t something Boise State related.

Here are some pro news after the last round of NFL cuts:


Colorize. Not sure what this is for.