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Air Force Academy Anagram Roster

If it flies, it dies (from laughter)

NCAA Football: Air Force at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

OH BOY, it’s Triple Option Week! Break out the ankle tape and the hydration, and let’s plug some names into the old Internet Arrangement Server to tide us over until the thrill of playing a gimmick service academy offense really sets in.

This week’s theme is “Before I Joined The Service”, or at least in as much as there is a theme. It’s pretty much just anagrams, really. Let’s dive in!

  • Air Force Academy = A Comfier Daycare
  • Colorado Springs = Acrid Porno Gloss
  • Troy Calhoun = Raunchy Tool


  • WR Geraud Sanders = Arranges Dudes
  • WR Ben Waters = Saber Newt
  • LT Parker Ferguson = Frog Punk Eraser
  • LG Nolan Laufenberg = Go Urbane Flannel
  • OC Connor Vikupitz = Punk Tonic Vizor
  • RG Kyle Krepsz = (The server asked us to input vowels)
  • RT Scott Hattok = Tot Shock Tat
  • TE Kade Waguespack = We Duke Packages (former BYU athlete perhaps?)
  • QB Donald Hammond III = A Damn Hominid Idol
  • FB Taven Birdow = Deviant Brow
  • RB Kadin Remsberg = Embarked Grins


  • DT Jared Bair = Radar Jibe
  • NG Mosese Fifita = If Some Fiesta
  • DE Jordan Jackson = Rad Son Jan Jock
  • OLB Lakota Wills = Koala Will Sit
  • ILB Kyle Johnson = Nosy Elk John
  • ILB Demonte Meeks = Esteemed Monk OR Meekest Demon
  • OLB Parker Noren = Prone Ranker
  • CB Zane Lewis = Win Sleaze
  • SS Grant Theil = A Lent Girth
  • FS Jeremy Fejedelem = (We asked the server, and it crashed)
  • CB Milton Bugg III = Big Ilium Ingot


  • PT Charlie Scott = Cliche As Tort
  • PK Jake Koehnke = Joke Eke Hank
  • LS Conner Kirkegaard = Croaking Darkener
  • PR Ben Peterson = Preteen Snob
  • KR Joshua Stoner = Sojourn Haste