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What We Learned: Week 3

Words have meanings, guys

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 06 Marshall at Boise State Photo by Tyler Ingham/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, we got our last tune up before our annual Super Bowl against Air Force, the bringers of PTSD. With Portland State week in the rear view, it’s time to take a look back at what we learned from the game.

The Defense is Still OK (Hopefully?)

A couple of early 52 yard plays certainly puckered some butts in the stands, especially since one was a beautifully timed option toss at the last possible second (OH GOD THE TRIPLE OPTION IS NEXT WEEK NOOOO) but after an early 10 points, Schmedding’s Schmucks shut it down the rest of the way.

Curtis Weaver did Curtis Weaver things with 4 sacks (5 if you ask some people), the defense got pressure even when they only sent 3, and basically did what they were supposed to do to an FCS school after the intial scares. Everyone’s still got butterflies for next week, especially now that Air Force has a passing attack, but the defense seems ready-ish.

The O-Line Is Troubling Again

Whether it’s a freshman quarterback taking too long to make reads and not adjusting to the pocket, or the offensive line just kinda stinks at pass protection, nobody is 100% sure. Thanks to injuries, Bedell did have out his 3rd different starting lineup, and John Molchon got to try his third position is as many weeks.

There does seem to be some uncertainty over whether the O-line hold outs were because the injuries were serious or because the opponent was not, but it is what it is. No matter the reason, Bachmeier got blasted a lot (but still made some pretty throws).

Quarterback Controversy Rears It’s Ugly Head

With Hank taking a beating, the coaching staff decided that he should sit early in the second half, and sent out Chase Cord to chuck the ball. As usual, Bronco Nation took things in stride on Twitter.

Good News: Chase looked good.

Bad News: Now there’s a battle!

Portland State is Actually Not Bad

I feel like the final score line might be deceiving to people who didn’t watch the game. Davis Alexander is a damn baller, and stayed just slippery enough to keep Curtis Weaver and company from having an eye-poppingly amazing stat line.

Also: totally jealous of the PSU punter. You don’t even have to be Kirk Ferentz or Jim Tressel to find those punts erotic,


We all knew the wide receivers were nasty this year, but my god. Just look at these.

If the O-line can figure out blocking assignments, the offense is just gonna absolutely pants some MWC foes this season.

Portland State Alums Are Very Concerned With The Proper Use of Language

Everyone deals with loss in their own way, but I don’t recall “unsolicited editorial advice” being one of the stages of grief. Thoughts and prayers regardless.

So what else did we learn? Hit up the comments to share your thoughts.