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Boise State Game Balls for Sept 9 - 15

NCAA Football: Portland State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

A whole lot of winning done over the weekend. Bronco SOC continued their historic run. Volleyball went 2-1 over the weekend. And Football also got the W.

So who got Game Balls?!

Game Ball One:

Janell Walley (vb)

She led the Broncos 2-1 over the weekend with wins against Austin Peay and Northern Iowa. They did fall to #21 Mizzou. But Ms. Walley made the All-invitational team by leading the squad with kills (37), digs (30), and points (41).

Congratulations Ms. Walley!

Game Ball Two:

Aubree Chatterton (soc)

Ms. Chatterton would score two goals for the Broncos over the weekend. One against Weber State in a win and one more against Portland State (so Boise State would go 2-0 against Portland State in sports overall for the weekend talk about a pillaging, eh?).

Congratulations Aubree!

Game Ball Three:

Curtis Weaver (fb)

Dude got four sacks against Portland State, tying a school record. He’s just writing his own checks for the next level at this point.

Game Ball Four:

John Hightower (fb)

Mama there goes that man...

Your Turn

Definitely going to be more. Leave them in the comments.