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Broncos pillage the Vikings 45-10

NCAA Football: Portland State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

FINAL Boise State 45 Portland State 10

The game sort of started a bit tenuously for the Broncos as the Vikings rattled off a 52 yard run. The defense held them to a field goal though. The Bronco offense didn’t even set foot on the field until halfway through the first quarter due to a 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown from Hightower. After a 3-and-out from PSU, the next Bronco drive was just heavy doses of Mahone capped by a 6-yard TD run by Chase Cord.

The Vikings surprised the Broncos on 3rd and 10 at about mid-field on the next drive with a touchdown strike of their own. The following Bronco drive ends in a punt. The first quarter ended with the Vikes driving.

The second quarter was full of weirdness. The Broncos were able to hold the Vikings on the initial drive, but Whimpey somehow got a blindside blocking penalty and on the Broncos next drive, Van Buren got a face-mask call against him on a reception. Velazquez missed a 51-yard FG, which had plenty of leg, but was wide right.

After another 3 and out from the Vikings, the Broncos put together their best looking drive of the night with multiple long passes from Bachmeier, including a 23-yard touchdown pass to Hightower to finish it. After a 3-and-out from the Vikings, the Broncos got the ball back, but Bachmeier threw a bad pick. Fortunately the defense held and the Broncos had one more shot for a touchdown before half. The Broncos are able to capitalize with a tipped touchdown reception from Bachmeier to CT Thomas to put the Broncos up 28-10 at half.

The Broncos received to start the second half. The first series was BLEH, with a pair of penalties, a sack and a dropped ball. Weaver, however, racked up his 3rd sack of the night, bringing his total to 25.5. Portland State punted on the next play. On the ensuing drive, Cord and Holani take over with the drive culminating in a GOR(and I can’t stress this enough)GEOUS pass from Cord to CT Thomas to put the Broncos up 35-10.

After a merciless onslaught from the Bronco defensive line, notably Weaver and Lui, the Vikings punted once more. Cord lead the Broncos back down the field, contributing a spritely 29-yard run. After a few incompletions, Sachse splits the uprights to put the Broncos up 38-10.

Portland State worked in some short, quick passes to help mitigate the pass rush, but Weaver ended up picking up his 4th sack. That tied the record for sacks in a game for a Bronco. The last time that was done was in 1996 by Chris Wing. Oddly enough, that was also against Portland State. That ended the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter started with a missed attempt at a field goal by the Vikings. On the ensuing Bronco drive, Holani steam rolled half of the Portland State team. Cord finished off the short drive with a 44-yard TD pass to Stefan Cobbs, his first career reception.

Really it was downhill from there. Portland State brought in the backup QB, most likely to keep Alexander healthy, who had been pretty dang awesome all night. Vernon, their punter, was also stellar on the night. The backup defense kept the Vikings in check and the backup offense got a chance to score with 10 minutes left in the game.

The first go didn’t go so hot. A few incomplete passes, but we also had a Danny Smith sighting! The next series for PSU seemed to indicated they were trying to run out the clock as well, being clearly done with this game. They even went for it on 4th and 3 at half field. The Broncos ran it exclusively on their last possession, but coming up short on 4th and 3. No burgers for the Broncos tonight.

An odd start, but a solid finish for the Broncos. The defense, yet again, held their opponent scoreless in the second half. Next up for the Broncos are the Air Force Falcons at home next Friday at 7pm. The Falcons are coming off a 30-23 win over Colorado.