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Portland State Anagram Roster


NCAA Football: Portland State at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Well, another week has come and gone, and with it’s passing we’ve gained another victory. After taking the weekend to savor that which was, it’s now time to set your fantasy rosters, hit the waiver wire, and try desperately to trade Antonio Brown before the Patriots officially stick him on the commissioner’s exempt list or something.

Oh, also it’s Portland State game week, and that means ANAGRAM ROSTER TIME! This week’s theme: Just Portland Things!

It’ll make sense, trust me.

  • Portland State = Tends Altar Pot
  • Portland, Oregon = No Dragon Petrol
  • Bruce Barnum = Urbane Crumb


  • LT Korbin Sorenson = Inborn Snookers
  • LG Brady Brick = Crabby Dirk
  • C Garrett Stauffer = Ref’s Turf Regatta
  • RG Larry Brister = Rarer Bristly
  • RT John Krahn = ANAGRAM IMMUNE
  • TE Charlie Tamoepeau = A Camelhair Toupee
  • QB Davis Alexander = Ex Salad Invader
  • RB Carlos Martin = Alarmist Corn
  • ZWR Mataio Talalemotu = Oat Mute Llama Iota
  • UWR Easton Trakel = Stolen Karate
  • XWR Emmanuel Daigbe = Bile Damage Menu


  • RUH Jarryn Bush = Shy Burn Jar
  • LT Semise Kofe = Eskimo Fees
  • RT Anthony Del Toro = Loon Ton Hydrate
  • END Noah Yunker = A Horny Nuke
  • MLB Steffen Jacobsen = Fence Banjos Fest
  • WLB Nicolas Ah Sam = Social Shaman
  • ROVER Romeo Grant = Retro Mango
  • SAM Anthony Adams = Anatomy Hands
  • FS KJ Walker = Jerk Walk
  • BCB Deon Crayon = No Dry Ocean
  • FCB Montre Brown = Mr. Rob Newton


  • K Cody Williams = Wildly Mosaic
  • P Seth Vernon = Event Horns
  • LS Riley Shackelford = Silky Hardcore Elf
  • H Davis Koetter = Overstate Kid