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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: CBS Sports rankings; CFN too; Athlon Sports and “anonymous” coaches

Boise State Spring Game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Did you know there’s no official training for a garbage collector?

They just pick it up as they go.

CBS Sports ranks all 130 CFB teams—accurately!

You’ll have to click to find out where the Broncos lie. Hint: above two out of the three FBS teams in Utah, so that’s cool.

College Football News also ranks CFB teams

This one is a five-year analysis. Broncos rank pretty decent in this one. It is difficult to be as consistent the fans expect the Broncos to be. Sometimes you have to sit back and appreciate what is happening in front of you. But, of course, we all want it to pay off at the end of the season.

Pay attention to this Tweet/video

It may be slightly important a little later today.

No reason.

Athlon sports: Coaches talk “anonymously” about every ACC team

I feel as though we need to take these things with a grain of salt. Yeah, maybe the anonymity provides some cover to “speak freely” but I don’t really know if we can take these seriously because they are anonymous. At any rate, there are some Florida State quotes in here that may be of some interest to Boise State fans.


Here is the Virtual Magician.