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Boise State roster countdown 2019: Day 1, Octavius Evans

Boise State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

We did it (again)! The annual time warp/odyssey is final at its end and I have so many people to thank...namely Damien Alambra, Casey Joplin, Michael Johnson, and Ryan Wilhelm. Especially want to thank our awesome readers for sticking with us through this marathon. I think kcam even handed me a dixie cup full of water on the day 63 turn. Football is back people. Let’s celebrate with Octavius Evans.

#1, Octavius Evans, Junior, WR


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 209 lbs.

High School: Center High School, Center, TX

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Sometimes one of the last commitments of the year is one of the biggest, and it’s a good thing too since the Broncos were reeling from the loss of 4-star wideout commit Bryan Thompson when Evans came aboard. The “high 3-star” was rated the 19th best wideout in the massive state of Texas and was as prolific as they come at Center High, hauling in 254 career receptions and accounting for 3,200 yards and 26 TDs. As a senior, Evans was named first team District 9-4A, Division 1 and earned the receiver MVP award at the APEC East Texas Recruiting Combine. Not just a football standout, Evans was also named 1st team All-District and selected to the Class 4A Region III team as well. Additionally, he was the first player from Center High to be selected to play in the TABC All-Star Game since 1977. Evans chose the Broncos over offers from Indiana, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Texas State, and Texas Tech.


“Doc Oc“

If he could grow another six arms before tomorrow, that’d be pretty dope.


Still seeing Tracy McGrady (but with much better hair, obvs)

Career Highlights

Appeared in all 14 games for the Broncos as a true frosh in 2017 and scored two TDs. First Team 2016 District 9-4A, Division 1 All-District honoree as a wide receiver. Earned receiver MVP award at the APEC East Texas Football Recruiting Combine. 1st team All-District and Class 4A Region III selectee as a senior in basketball. UIL All-District 9-4A basketball Player of the year as a junior.

2019 Prospectus

Let’s be honest...last year was not ideal for Mr. Evans. After a really promising true freshman season, he was nigh unstoppable in fall camp and given the coveted #1 jersey...then he made a whole 2 catches on the year for a whopping 12 yards. Yes, he was injured (significantly) and limited (also significantly), but the part that really sucked was that in the Broncos understandable zeal to get him back in the fold, they went over the 4 game threshold, so what could’ve been a rehabbing redshirt year, ended up being sort of a lost year, as it were. Let’s hope Octavius is a man on a mission this season.

Here’s the good news: Evans looks healthy and ready to do some work this year—and we all know he can. As of today, Evans is pencilled in as the 2nd string “X” receiver (Hightower is 1st), but with the depth at WR this season, one shouldn’t concern oneself much with “starters”...all these dudes are going to play—a lot. I’m not even really sure who qualifies as “the man” this year because we’ve got guys like CT Thomas, Khalil Shakir, Hightower, Butler, Cobbs, Bowen...I mean, it’s a veritable smorgasbord for young Hank Bachmeier. Ultimately, I think Evans establishes him as one of the top 3 in that group, yardage-wise...and reminds all of us just why we were so excited about him after his 2017 debut and the lead up to 2018. Evans time is now, and the clock is officially ticking.

And now the best news: Evans feels fantastic

Is he on Twitter?

He is (@EvansOctavius), but really hasn’t tweeted in a year. He is following some pretty big names in local Boise State fan blogging.

Completely made up fact

Evans the recruit was listed at 6’ 3”, now Broncosports has him listed at 6’ 1”. At this rate of shrinkage, by his senior season he’ll need a ladder to pick strawberries.