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5 Questions and a Blog Bet with Tomahawk Nation

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State
FSU fans preparing to do the surrender cobra
Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Holy smokes, guys: The season just got a little realer! It’s time again for that honored tradition of exchanging questions with our opponent and making a friendly little wager. If you’re new to this, the winning team’s writer gets to post an article on the loser’s blog. So without further ado, here’s Tomahawk Nation’s Jon Marchant with some well-thought-out answers and a confusing drawing.

  1. What is the general feeling among Florida State’s fanbase this season? Hope to crash the playoffs? Cautious optimism? Ready to drown your sorrows in fry sauce? (Probably more of an Idaho thing on that last one.)

I can’t answer this question without inserting my own bias at least a little, but I would still say cautious optimism. Although, drowning our sorrows in fry sauce is what we did last year and I gotta say, that ain’t all bad. Comfort food is undefeated. But almost no one expects FSU to miss a bowl for the second straight year. However, on the other side of that there’s always a sizable segment of the fanbase that thinks FSU will go 15-0 every year, and I find that endearing but also a little insane.

2. Which player(s) on your team should keep Boise State fans up at night?

This is a great question, and I’m gonna have to go with Tamorrion “Trinidad” Terry. His blend of size, physicality, and athleticism is rare. It’s difficult to find any defensive back in college football who can match his traits, and this offense should give him plenty of opportunities down the field. Because of the issues with the offensive line, having someone who can get chunk yardage so you don’t have to march down the field is invaluable. An honorable mention goes to defensive tackle Marvin Wilson, who was just named a preseason All-American.

3. Which do you hate more and why: Florida Gators, Clemson Tigers, Miami Hurricanes, or getting eaten by a shark?

I’ll rank them in the order of which I’d like to see get eaten by a shark from the least to the most: Clemson, Miami, and then Florida with the jaws nipping at their heels. Clemson is very good but the history just isn’t there. There’s a profound sense of hate for Miami, but there’s also some respect. With the Gators though, it’s all the former and none of the latter. It’s hard to explain why - it just is.

4. Using Microsoft Paint, draw a scenario you see happening in relation to this game.

Imma gonna hafta refer you back to the artist on this one.

5. On a scale of breakfast cereals (with “Cocoa Pebbles” being “Supremely” and “Shredded Wheat” being “Not-at-all”), how confident are you coming into this game? Also, give a score prediction.

I resent the ranking system of this question. Cocoa Pebbles wouldn’t even make my top ten. But if I have to play by the rules, I’d say Shredded Wheat. I’m not familiar with what Vegas has as the line for this game, but in my mind it’s a 50/50 toss up. The Broncos are solid and FSU is coming off a year with the worst offensive line in the Power 5 and one of the worst in the FBS. They will improve, but how much? Even a ridiculous jump could still see a below average OL. I’m gonna go with FSU 24 - 20 Boise State.

Well, he has his team winning (as he should), but at least he’s only shredded wheat confident of it. Good luck, Jon! Except in matters of football, that is.