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Boise State roster countdown 2019: 16, John Hightower

Boise State Spring Game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It’s our Sweet 16!!! And it’s very sweet since we are going to profile one of the heaviest hitters we have on the roster and a leader of—arguably—the deepest position groups we have—John Hightower

#16, John Hightower, Senior, WR


Height: 6-2

Weight: 172

High School: Hinds CC via Riverdale Baptist HS, Landover, MD

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Hightower came to Boise State from Hinds. He had offers from Kansas, Colorado State, Western Kentucky, Bowling Green, SMU, and Middle Tennessee State.

He obviously didn’t have enough offers, but I am—extremely selfishly—glad he didn’t.


”Jason Bourne”

Because we like to have fun here.


He’s got the same face as last year, so I am going to go with what I did last year.

Michael Beach

Career highlights

Is ‘being really good’ a highlight? Heck, just look at the clip above. THAT. That is a highlight in itself.

Having said that I am just going to leave this right here:

2019 Prospectus

Whooo boy. If he can stay on the field—injury or otherwise—Mr. Hightower is going to be writing his own checks for the next level. Did you check out his video above? If you didn’t, please take some time to do so.

The Broncos have such a wealth of talent at the WR group that it’s almost embarrassing. And Hightower is going to be on the top of that list. He’s a guy that can literally go up and get a jump ball and, if need be, just literally outrun the field. I love watching this guy because he is just electric on the field (I don’t like watching his bike stunts because I am paralyzed with fear that something is going to happen). Let’s put it this way: what’s the over/under on 50+ yard TD receptions? 3? 4? He will be worth the price of admission for any game.

Is he on Twitter?

Completely NOT made up fact

I am not even going to make anything up for this one. Dude is fast.