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Boise State roster countdown 2019: Day 18, Billy Bowens


Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

We’ve got so many wide receivers that even Hal Mumme thinks it’s getting ridiculous up here. Today we feature YET ANOTHER talented pass catcher. Eat your heart out, Coach Rolovich.

#18, Billy Bowens, RS FR, WR

Boise State University


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 187lbs

High School: Redlands East Valley HS (Redlands, CA)

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Offered by the majority of the Mountain West (and BYU, ewww) Billy was a popular 3-star WR recruit in the west. Schools liked his speed and his wiggle when running, despite his relative “lack of size”. Billy knew a good deal when he saw it, though, and committed to BSU with the Class of 2018, enrolling in August.

Just in case you forgot, he was definitely all-hair team last season.


”The Jet”

Before football, Billy was a track athlete in the 400, and trained with his sister.


Our predictive machinations spat out A$AP Rocky, which would be awesome if it weren’t for the past month or so of bad press. Second up was Allen Iverson, which sounds wild until you remember rookie Iverson and go “oh snap, twinsies!”

And lest you doubt our predictive celebrity look-alike analysis, Billy balls out on the court, too:

Career highlights

Despite appearing in three games last fall (and starting one!), we don’t have a ton of Billy Bowens highlights just yet. While we anticipate this will change rapidly during the season, here’s his senior year highlight reel to tide you over:

That opening kickoff return is just *chef’s kiss*, is it not?

2019 Prospectus

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the Boise State wide receiver corps this fall is nuts. Even with a healthy rotation, it’s going to be hard to find slots for everyone to play and compete, especially with the amount of proven upperclassmen returning. That said, we can’t predict injuries, regressions, or just chemistry with the new QB.

We’d fully expect Billy to appear on the second team offense this fall, and maybe-maybe some kick return time if chips fall right. That said, speedy dudes with wiggle on the run have been a staple of Bronco offenses, and if he’s got the stuff he might get some play packages to himself.

Realistically, though, it’s getting really hard to predict the wide receiver position this fall with all the good options. Here’s to everyone having breakout years and us running the Air Raid because why not.

Is he on Twitter?

Holla at ya boy! As per usual, not super active during the season, but he’s out there.

Completely made up fact

Billy does not own any sandals, just progressively older running shoes that have worn down to look like sandals.