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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Win totals; ESPN FPI; Season pass release

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What happened when the red shipped crashed into the blue ship?

The crews were marooned.

Boise State is bringing back the Blue Collar Pass

This was definitely one of the more interesting season passes that Boise State has done. If you have the chance, and the flexibility, to do this you should.

ESPN’s FPI rankings have been released

You’ll find some interesting nuggets here. But I do find it interesting that BYU is favored. I guess I get it. It’s in Provo (the only place that the Cougars have ever won) but the homer in me just can’t see how. They have Boise State with a 62% chance of winning the MWC.

If you’re feeling like gambling

Here are some win totals per Bet Online.

10 is not a bad number. Though I can see some grousing from folks if that were to happen. Also, I am curious if Fresno and Utah State folks are irked by those win totals.


Hey. Do you know?