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Boise State roster countdown 2019: Day 32, Jordan Happle

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Unlike those dastardly confusion merchants over in Tallahassee, OBNUG is is here to provide you daily with the only number you need when trying to discern how many days you have remaining until football winter ends. Today, that answer is ‘32’. Well...unless your question is “What is the life, the universe, EVERYTHING?” In which case, the answer is slightly different.

#32, Jordan Happle, redshirt junior, safety


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 201 lbs (+6)

High School: Jesuit High School, Portland, Oregon

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Mr. Happle came to the Broncos following a prep career where he was the Metro League Defensive Player of The Year in both his junior and senior seasons. He was named all-state in the 6A class on both defense AND offense his junior and senior years. He caught 74 passes for 1,416 yards and 15 TDs as a high school junior, but then seemingly was preserved more for defense as a senior. However, he still racked up a productive 50 catches for 779 yards and 9 TDs.

He also came with a ringing endorsement from an actor of some note. Just the guy that upstaged the ears off of Leonardo DiCaprio AND Matt Damon through the duration of 2006 Best Picture winner, ‘The Departed’. No big deal.


“Snapple Juice”

They say you’re not supposed to be allowed to pick your own nickname, but it’s literally his Twitter handle. But does he really understand the sweet joy of a cold, refreshing Snapple after a vigorous POG match on a hot, summer day? some year back when people still drank those? I have my doubts!


I tried to come up with something different than last year, but my memory wasn’t helping. After the lookalike generator came back with “Tito Jackson” (yes, really), I gave up. So I see no reason at all to move on from my assertion that he most bears resemblance to some fusion of former Boise State great, Vinny Peretta, and the current QB of the Dallas Cowboys.

Career highlights

Jordan made his way into 8 games his sophomore year, including four starts. He had 24 tackles, 4 tackles-for-loss, and a sack on the year.

Additionally, he made it into thirteen games the year prior and was able to put up some decent stats as a rotational safety, coming up with 15 stops (career-high of 5 at Air Force) and an interception in the bowl game against Oregon. Who, again, to put it Blountly...Boise State has NEVER lost to. 3-0!

2019 Prospectus

Pierce missing out on most of the season in 2018 will likely make safety a stronger position overall because of the experience it gave to the backups but, as long as he and Nawahine are healthy, they are going to get the majority of the snaps. However, after them, there are some very talented (and now more experienced) options. Happle will likely factor heavily into that rotation.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes, but mostly just to retweet it seems.

Completely made up fact

One might suspect that Jordan would be a prolific guzzler of the beverage that is his nicknamesake, but secretly his preferences have evolved. While he’ll still Happle-y indulge in a Snapple, when no one is looking...he’s cheating on them with Sobe.

90s forever!!