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Boise State roster countdown 2019: Day 47, Matt Pistone

Pistone is the engine that drives blocks

Boise State v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Some people say Boise State fans have a strange fixation with tight ends, as the modern offense really doesn’t employ them much. Some people also say blue turf is garbage, so clearly some people are full of crap. #TightEnds4Eva

#47, Matt Pistone, RS Senior, TE


Height: 6’3”

Weight: 253lbs

High School: Yuma Catholic HS (Yuma, AZ)

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

One of the higher rated tight ends in his class, Matt Pistone attracted a lot of attention in high school. Widely recruited in the west, Pistone eventually verbally committed to Oregon State in the summer of 2014. However, fate smiled upon him after he took his official visit to Boise State in December 2014, and he switched his commitment to BSU.


Around the gym, he’s known as ”The Piston” because he pumps so much iron.


Opinions vary around the OBNUG office, but it’s my writeup, and I see more than a bit of Jason Momoa in Pistone.

Career highlights

Pistone appeared in 11 games in 2018, including his first career start. Despite being primarily a run-blocking tight end, he also recorded his first career catch (for 4 yards, against Colorado State).

2019 Prospectus

With all the production turnover in the offensive backfield, having an experienced, senior run blocker at tight end is looking like a key element to success this season. Breaking in a new QB and RB will likely be significantly easier behind an experienced O-line and with solid support roles such as Pistone.

With fellow senior Garrett Collingham and junior John Bates, TE will likely be a time-share, especially as the younger guys get worked into the rotation for experience. Collingham, Pistone, and Bates should see the lion’s share of starts and playing time, barring injury or breakout performance.

Not for nothing, his gym nickname is not a joke. Pistone was one of the Iron Men of the Week this summer already

Is he on Twitter?

Indeed he is, but don’t expect much tweeting action. He’s focused on the season.

Completely made up fact

Pistone’s hobbies include modern interpretative dance, and he was one of the choreographers responsible for the Vegas Bowl shenanigans versus Oregon.