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The 2019 Countdown Roundup!

Bring out the band, it’s halftime!

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ladies, gentlemen, and friends beyond the binary...we’re halfway through the countdown! 50 days of glorious player write-ups are yet to come, but we’ve got just as many currently available to tide you through the dog days of summer.

While this website has some hand-dandy features that make finding all the countdown articles quite easy, we’ve made it EVEN EASIER by simply rounding them all up into this post, allowing you to open new tabs to your heart’s content. I know you haven’t read them all, and you at least need to fact check your favorites.

Without much more ado:

Boise State Roster Countdown 2019

100 Austin Griffin

99 Curtis Weaver

98 Sonatane Lui

97 Keeghan Freeborn

96 Khyheem Waleed

95 Nick Provenzano

94 JL Skinner

93 Chase Hatada

92 Michael Callahan

91 Shea Whiting

90 Scale Igiehon

89 Connor Riddle

88 Tyneil Hopper

87 Kaden Deluna

86 Garrett Collingham

85 John Bates

84 Cole Ramseyer

83 Damon Cole

82 Stefan Cobbs

81 Akilian Butler

80 MacLaine Griffin

79 Eric Quevedo

78 Jacob Golden

77 John Molchon

76 Ezra Cleveland

75 Kole Bailey

74 Garrett Curran

73 Nick Crabtree

72 Dallas Holliday

71 Donte Harrington

70 John Ojukwu

69 Aisa Kelemete

68 Jake Stetz

67 Garrett Larson

66 Ben Dooley

65 Kekaniokoa Gonzalez

64 Eric Sachse

63 Keegan Ulrich

62 Scott Matlock

61 Dalton Lins

60 DK Blaylock

59 Isaiah Bagnah

58 Matt Greenwald

57 Emmanuel Fesili

56 Casey Kline

55 David Moa

54 Matt Locher

53 Sam Whitney

52 DJ Schramm

51 Daniel Cantrell

After you’ve caught up, keep coming back for the daily countdown! WE’RE SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE THE LATE KICKOFFS!