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Boise State roster countdown 2019: Day 83, Damon Cole

BYU v Boise State Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images

Coming in at #83 on our countdown, Damon Cole is a part of a deep wide receiver group chomping at the bit to get to work with a new starting QB. Let’s get to it!

#83, Damon Cole, RS Sophomore, WR


Height: 6’

Weight: 175 lbs (+1 lb)

High School: El Cerrito Senior High School, El Cerrito, CA

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Sporting a bevy of offers from a good chunk of the Mountain West, Cole spurned all of those offers to become a Bronco. He was part of the 2017 recruiting class that included Octavius Evans and CT Thomas. Cole has quietly bided his time to step into the spotlight. He spent most of his time as a DB at El Cerrito, but switched to WR once he got to Boise State.


”Quick 6”

That’s what he calls himself, so why not?


Kyrie Irving, but without a beard

Career highlights

So far, Cole has spent his time as a Bronco working on his game. He’s had some talent ahead of him and has been looking for his opportunity. He made his Bronco debut last year against Connecticut.

At El Cerrito, He had back-to-back 1600+ all-purpose yard seasons with a combined 35 TDs, earning him a spot on the All-Tri-County First Team in consecutive years. He also earned All-East Bay Area First Team and All-Metro honorable mention as a senior.

2019 Prospectus

As I stated earlier, the Broncos have an embarrassment of riches at the wide receiver position this year due to the recent influx of recruits the past couple of years. Evans has yet to have a significant impact, but CT has established himself as a reliable starter. Last year, Khalil Shakir burst onto the scene as a do-everything player and had an immediate impact, presumably earning a starting role, with known commodity John Hightower rounding out the starting 3. An argument could be made that Akilian Butler could also earn a starting spot somewhere, possibly ahead of Shakir, but I think we will have a better idea of that after fall camp.

Aside from those players, we have Cole, Stefan Cobbs, Billy Bowens, Evans and walk-ons Connor Riddle and MacLaine Griffin. Incoming this week, we have DK Blaylock, Shea Whiting and Khyheem Waleed. Talk about depth. Blaylock, Whiting and Waleed will push for immediate playing time. I think at least one of them plays immediately, but which one I don’t know. You can see what I’m getting at here.

I don’t anticipate Damon will earn a starting job due to established players at the position. He will have his work cut out for him to earn a spot on the 2-deep. Cobbs made some noise through spring ball and Bowens can stretch the field. Evans potential has always been there as well, it just hasn’t been realized yet. The opportunity is there, but it will be up to Cole to push Cobbs, Evans and Bowens while fending off the 3 newcomers.

Is he on Twitter?

He’s definitely there. Follow up.

Completely made up fact

As a senior at El Cerrito, Damon used his speed to power the school during a power outage. they hooked up the power supply to a tread mill and Damon jumped on. They say he produced enough energy to power the school for the rest of the year in just one day.