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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Hall of Fame; Allie Ostrander tries to threepeat; Boise State FB nat’l champ odds?

NCAA Football: Idaho State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I have a pen that can write underwater.

It can also write other words too.

Boise State: 500-1 odds to win a national title in CFB

This is where I would cleverly insert Lloyd Christmas’ favorite line: “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

I mean. They aren’t the worst odds on there. But they are the same as Utah State and BYU. So, that’s kind of disappointing.

Allie Ostrander going to try and threepeat the steeplechase

I don’t quite understand the point of the steeplechase. But she’s really good at it and it counts. So I am all for it.

Boise State athletics Hall of Fame nominations are open

Here is your chance to get someone you think deserves to be recognized. I looked up Emma Bates and her final year was in 2015 so she’s not eligible yet (have to be five years removed).

Who do you think should be in?

Alexander Mattison diving into the Minnesota playbook ($)

I mean it can’t be that much bigger than the Boise State playbook, right? Just a few more shifts and motions, yeah?


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