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Wake Up, Bronc Nation: Allie O is still good; Scheduling question; Football softball!

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Dr: I am afraid your DNA is backwards.

Me: And?

ICYMI: Allie Ostrander won something

And it was a pretty big something. Another round of congratulations to Ms. Ostrander are in order after her win. Winning one of those things is difficult enough, three consecutively?

And, barring an unforeseen injury, what’s really stopping her from getting four?

Just an interesting question

I assume Boise State would play UCF in a home-and-home (ala USF). But not sure if the other side would much be up for it.

But with the way stadium revenues as they are on the collegiate level, why would any team want to have the chance to NOT have any sort of home game? What kind of money would they expect from the stadium to play there. The NFL is a different animal that can get away with these types of neutral site games.

Boise State football Summer Classic coming up

This is your chance to see some competitive action for the football team as they softball it up. If you are able to attend, it should be a fun time. Make sure to bring plenty of water as it will probably be pretty warm by that time.


Google Sheep View. You like looking for sheep on Google Maps? Well here is something that will make that easier.