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Mr. Blue: Garth Brooks to play Albertsons Stadium in July

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Garth Brooks In Concert - Glendale, Arizona Photo by John Medina/Getty Images

The rumors have been swirling for weeks but finally someone with friends in low places was able to secure the rights to Albertsons Stadium for a huge Garth Brooks show July 20th. So cancel the black tie affair that was initially slated for The Blue that night...this is going to put a pretty big damper on things. The freshly-renovated (as we speak) Smurf Turf will host boots, chaps, and cowboy hats before it will get a dose of cleats, spit, and sweat (well, it’ll still probably see plenty of spit and sweat) as the 22-time CMA winner rocks Lyle Smith Field before fall camp starts. Here’s a suggestion for Mr. Brooks (née Chris Gaines) if you want to woo the local crowd...maybe change the lyrics to “The Thunder Rolls” to “The Blue Thunder Rolls”?

This will be the first time Brooks has sailed his vessel to Boise since 1992 when he played the then-called BSU Pavilion, but if you want to check him out, it’ll come at a price—tickets are going to be in the $90+ range. If that price point doesn’t scare you off, tickets will go on sale on May 17th here (among other places). Friendly reminder: Brooks is from Oklahoma, so wearing Fiesta Bowl I shirts and regalia is strongly recommended.