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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Softball RPI; AJ Richardson; Armus / ETSU

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NCAA Football: San Diego State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

People always ask me where I got my incredibly detailed tattoo done, but never believe me when I tell them Spain.

Nobody expects the Spanish ink precision.

Bronco softball gets a schedule boost from the weekend wins

Which is tops for the conference right now.

I don’t know how the post-season works for softball. But, if they don’t get an auto-bid for the NCAAs, hopefully they can get an at-large.

SB Nation Arizona Cardinals site introduces A.J. Richardson

It’s just a two paragraph blurb. But Mr. Richardson is going to get a chance to make a roster. And that’s all we can hope for with these guys.

Mladen Armus Chooses Boise State

This article is more about ETSU, and their situation, than anything. But the author did goof and put the Broncos (and New Mexico) in the WAC, not the MWC (he did fix it, but the tone of the article still is off because he didn’t adjust for the fact that the MWC was better than the Southern in NET). At any rate, Leon Rice is making a focus on the short-term gains in the same vein as ex-UNR Head Coach Eric Musselman.

Curtis Weaver is awesome: my essay

Well it’s not mine. And it’s just a picture.

I am honestly not sure what’s better. Knowing full well that he’s going to turn pro after this season. Or having it be a bit of a surprise (similar to LVE leaving). I suppose this way is better because I can prepare myself emotionally. But I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared to say goodbye prematurely.