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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Allie Ostrander; Durrant Miles; Brett Rypien; Gambling odds

NCAA Football: Washington State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I try to be as handy as I can, working in a lot of trades.

But people are usually shocked when they find out I am not a good electrician.

Denver Broncos got a good one

And I am prepared to fight folks (though not for very long) who think otherwise.

You like gambling?

Here are some of the odds for next year. FSU is favored (SHOCKER).

My guess is that the line is going to tighten up a bit as the game draws near. Any more bad news for FSU that comes out (and there will probably be more than one drop) and we will see some volatility on the line.

Ostrander: really smart

By the time Ms. Ostrander is done on the collegiate level, I am not sure if she is going to have very much room on a normal shelf for all her accolades. It’s probably going to have to be a room at this point.

SB Nation Falcons site talks to Durrant Miles

It is neat that Mr. Miles gets an opportunity to tell his story. I hope he is able to make it on the 53-man roster, if not the practice squad.


Here is an Endless Horse.