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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Nate Potter has a new job; Athlon All-MWC teams; FSU Mailbag

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NCAA Football: Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I went to the store to pick up 8 cans of Sprite.

But when I got home I realized I had only picked 7Up.

Former Bronco Nate Potter lands at Montana State

He joins former Broncos Choate, Matt ‘BWing” Miller, and Byron Hout. It’s like Boise State-lite up there.

Congratulations to Potter on the next step of his coaching journey.

Athlon releases all-MWC teams

And they went kind of light on the Broncos this year (four selections) while Utah State had seven.


Oh well. I’ll just let Jay Tust do the talking.

The Athletic answers some questions about Florida State ($)

Not only will the whole lead up to the game be about Florida State, but about their situation in general. So settle in for a long season of reading more about them.

(Psssst: the Countdown is on the way, so don’t be too anxious!)


Here is a handy-dandy dog breed chart.