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Broncos unveil inaugural baseball uniforms, bringing joy to sports and fashion fans alike

Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Thankful that the Broncos hadn’t been swindled Emperor’s New Clothes-style—Boise State unveiled their baseball uniforms today that they’ll deploy next season; stadium or no. In a short 10 months, the Broncos will take some field to kick off their first baseball season in 40 years, and won’t have to wear the burlap sacks that they’ve been practicing in (I assume).

Boise State University

As you can see, they’ve got the full spectrum of looks, and can accommodate giants like our model on the left. One constant: blue socks. Mr. Blackwell is impressed. The hats, for now, come in one style but the lettering and numbering varies. You’ll note the inclusion of the script “Broncos” that was used on the football helmets from 1997–2001. Bart Hendricks gained access to the university sewing machine!

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