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Wake UP, Bronco Nation: Bo knows; track & field rank; MBB championship odds

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Boise State v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Sometimes I tuck my knees into my chest and lean forward.

That’s how I roll.

Bo knows Boise State

And I am serious!

The former Raider great visited Boise and gave a talk to the team. He was the reason I became a Raiders fan. So this is pretty cool to me.

Donate in Boise State’s honor and spite someone

This is a competition open to all schools that gives us an incentive to make fun of [INSERT BOISE STATE RIVAL SCHOOL HERE]. It’s really up to you. Gives us an opportunity to look generous and beautiful/handsome while our rival schools to look broke, and jerks.

ICYMI: Drew wrote about the spring game

Take away what you want about a glorified spring scrimmage. The Broncos are going to have some real talent across the board. Let’s just get that to translate to on the field success.

The Athletic does a mock draft with all seven rounds

And for those of you who don’t have a paid subscription:

I would be legit surprised if this happened. Maybe it’s a way of some teams sneakily trying to keep them available? Who knows.

Here are some betting odds for men’s basketball next year

You’ll notice some teams on here. And a particular team that is not. Woops.

Bronco W track & field still ranked top 25