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Skol! Vikings take Alexander Mattison in round 3

Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Well, it was a lot earlier than most pundits thought but two rounds too late for us homers. Let’s just split the difference and say that Mattison—like a wizard—arrived just when he meant to. With the 102nd overall pick of the draft, the Minnesota Vikings liked what they saw enough with AM to give him the call, and considering a lot of folks thought Mattison was anywhere from a 5th rounder to an UDFA, Boise State fans (and I’m sure Mr. Mattison himself) couldn’t be happier.

Mattison showed up big and strong at the NFL Combine, but left a little on the field by way of 40 time. Well, Alex erased spot-welded that chink in his armor by dropping his 40 time considerably at Boise State’s pro day, and Vikings GM Rick Spielman didn’t need any more convincing.

Mattison leaves the Broncos with 2,829 rushing yards to his name and 33 TDs—and a tidy 4.9 career YPC. So, it’s another early departure for Boise State that pays off, now we wait for Brett Rypien’s fate (and others) in the ensuing rounds. Never felt much of anything for the Minnesota Vikings, but they just landed on my “sometimes watch” list. Congrats, Viks. More importantly—congrats Alex! Go make Bronco Nation proud!