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Boise State football schedules USF for a home-and-home series

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime I see a Boise State football schedule announcement, I always hold my breath because I want to see a good, winnable, matchup for the Broncos.

What are some of the things I am looking for in an opponent? Glad you asked!

  1. A “name” opponent. Look, we know how this goes. The name on the front of the jersey is going to matter. Boise State scoring a good matchup is going to put eyeballs on the screen and butts in the seats (preferably at Albertson’s Stadium). The nature of the beast is what team is going to make people want those tickets. Florida State at Albertson’s Stadium is going to be a good example (provided FSU doesn’t buy out of the game). A lot of times this will be a Power 5 opponent. Or high level Group of 5 (we all have those particular names in mind).
  2. Winnable. The “Anyone, anytime, anywhere” approach for Fresno State only kind of works. It gets you out there (I suppose) but all those losses start to stack up. As it stands, the Broncos have been pretty good about scheduling matchups that there is at least a decent chance of winning.
  3. Home-and-home. If the Broncos have to travel, it would sure be nice if that opponent came to Boise. The neutral site games are ok, but having that return to Albertson’s Stadium would certainly be awesome.
  4. Money. All else fails: how much money is going to be there are the end of the day? Whether it’s from TV, or from the other institution, is this game going to be a windfall for the Broncos?
  5. Story lines. Will this game provide some talking points and something fans/people will want to pay attention to.

I probably have more to this than those above but—for now—we can just focus on those.

Today, the Broncos released a series with University of South Florida:

The matchup will be good for both schools. Good G5 teams squaring off in the hopes both teams will continue to be relevant.

Of the five items above, winnable game and home-and-home, are checked off.

And points one and four?

Is USF a “name” school? Mehhhh, maybe? While they’ve been ok (they did finish 7-6 last year after a 7-0 start) they certainly have been passed by another G5 school down in Florida. More dedicated Boise State fans will undoubtedly know the Bulls and have heard of their success. Casual fans may not be as familiar. As far as butts in the seats, they may move a needle for the fans.

The money? Well. It sounds like this may be more of a beefing of the schedule than a money game. If both squads are able to remain relevant in the coming years ESPN (or whatever sports network) may put the games in the 8:32 p.m. spot on ESPN 2.

And point five?

Six years is an eternity in college football. Things will be changing so much from now till then that it will be hard to tell. Both squads could be competing for whatever carrot on the stick is available for G5s. Or.... maybe not? As it stands, one coach proooooooobably won’t be there in 2025.

Overall this is a good scheduling add for the Broncos. Provides a strength of schedule boost and it isn’t an FCS school.

Your turn

What do you think? Excited? Let down? Meh?

Let me know in the comments.