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Tromp to make Boise State great again

Sorry, I couldn’t resist

Boise State University, Allison

It took one botched search and a lot more time than everyone thought, but Boise State finally has their, woman. This afternoon, BSU announced Bob Kustra’s successor, the 7th president in university history—Dr. Marlene Tromp. Tromp is a Wyoming native, but despite that notable setback (I kid) was able to rise to the level of campus provost and executive vice chancellor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Prior to her role at UCSC, Tromp was the dean of Arizona State University’s Interdisciplinary College of Arts and Sciences and the vice provost of the university’s West Campus.

Tromp and Illinois VP for Economic Development Edward Seidel were thought to be the front-runners after the finalists visited campus, but Tromp apparently blew away faculty and staff with her presentation and Q&A session and landed the gig after the longer-than-we-expected search. I noticed she hedged her bets a bit in her intro vid and pronounced “Boise” both the correct and try-not-to-anger-the-locals way, so we can infer that she is very thoughtful. I’m sure she’ll be hearing from the Save BSU Wrestling community any day now.

Welcome, president Tromp (yes, spellcheck that IS correct).