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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Troy Merritt; Bronco softball; NFL draft!

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PGA: THE PLAYERS Championship - First Round John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

A Roman walks into a bar and holds up two fingers.

“I’ll have five beers please.”

Troy Merritt finishes 10th in RBC Heritage

What’s especially cool about this situation is the fact that Merritt had to come back from a pretty serious illness.

I am glad for Merritt that he is able to get back on the links. Now if only his outfits could include more blue and orange....

NFL draft predictions

A couple of Broncos getting some decent love in this one. I am really looking forward to seeing/catching wind of some Broncos getting called up. You got to figure that the Dallas Cowboys are going to draft at least one Bronco out of those available.

Bronco softball come up big this weekend

While the Broncos did drop the first game in the series, they did rebound and win the last two.